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Happy New Year to all of our beloved fans!!! 

Hello All!  

We are pleased to bring on the New Year with plans for some studio magic early in 2016.  We have been working hard on a few new tunes that we think you all will really enjoy.  We will keep you posted on the progress and future release dates of the new tunes!

2015 was a big year for us as we saw our music accepted by the famed online radio station, Pandora.  Due to Pandora, Jango, and Spotify, we have been introduced to some amazing fans from all over the USA and the world.  We would like to give a GREAT BIG shout out to those fans that have continued to support us and those new fans that heard us for the first time in 2015.   We are excited to bring on the New Year and get working on some fresh material for our fans to enjoy.  

Thanks again and keep checking back for updates on the new tunes.

Love you all!!!

-  All Rights Reserved Band

Message from Craig - Lead Singer/Guitarist of ARR 

I am so grateful for my band's music being accepted by Pandora radio about a month ago.  In addition, I am humbled to see that our fan base has been growing at a steady clip from being included in Jango online radio station.  We have been seeing a lot of Canadians adding us to their online radio station playlists...I am not too surprised as I was born and raised just south of the border in Helena, Montana ;).   I want to thank our fans from the bottom of my heart that you took the time to listen to our music.  Thank You!  If you know anyone that is in to the alternative rock genre of music, please share our music with them.  I am currently in the process of writing and recording demos for the next album, and I believe this one will be the pinnacle of our work to date thus far.  The next album will have songs that incorporate a lot of acoustic guitar, piano, strings, walking bass lines, and will be rich in vocal harmonies.  After years of trials and tribulations, let-downs and "failures," my music is finally starting to be heard and I feel like I am finally producing the music I have always dreamed of.  Thanks to all of you who have been extremely supportive.  Remember, you only live once, so pursue your passions and live in your dreams.  With much Love,  Craig - and the rest of All Rights Reserved Band.

ARR is Semi-Finalist in Catalyst Recording's Re-mix contest! 

All Rights Reserved is proud to announce we are semi-finalists in 'Win a Free Analog Mixing Session From Catalyst Recording' contest! We are very grateful as we are one of the semi-finalists out of over 2,600 other artist submissions. Thank you for all of the continued support and we will be looking forward to hearing a re-mix of one of our singles done by a pro.

We Are Officially on PANDORA! 

We are officially on PANDORA! Related artists that I have seen on our station: Fall Out Boy, We The Kings, Foundry, Ladyfinger (Ne), Fight or Flight, and Ligion. Please check us out. Just type in, "All Rights Reserved" in the "create a station" search bar. Hooray!!!! Cheers to 2015 being a great breakout year!!! Thank you all for the support. This goes to show that with perseverance and hard work, dreams really can come true. Thank you thank you thank you!

Our new album "Arr" just got accepted by Pandora!! 

This is a huge step for our band. Pandora is considered the holly grail of internet radio. We are so excited for the opportunity and for our music to be playing next to some of the big names in the music industry.  Pandora will be adding us to the rotation in the coming days,  we will announce when we go live on the site.   It's an honor for us. We would like to thank our fans for their support and Pandora for buying our album!!